What is the kindest thing a pet has done for you?

What is the kindest thing a pet has done for you? by June Smith

Answer by June Smith:

My dog gave her life to save my Son.

Cindy, my dog, was six years old and she was the most home-loving and obedient dog. I loved her and she knew it. When my Son was born, she was immediately very protective over him. She’d sit beside his pram for hours, popping her front legs up onto the pram every now and then to make sure he was ok.

My Son was almost three years old. We lived near a busy road and we were super vigilant at always child-proofing the front door – without exception. My Son, as young children can be, was into everything. We’d often find him in the kitchen at 4 am with a concoction of cereal, milk, dry dog food, eggs, etc all mixed up on the kitchen floor. He was that kind of child – into everything. He also watched everything we would do and try to mimic us in his own unique way, often with highly amusing consequences.

One morning, again around 4 am, he somehow managed to ‘escape’ through his bedroom window. To rewind a little, Cindy knew not to go outside (apart from the garden) without us. We could have left the front door open all day (when Son was visiting with Grandparents) and she’d never venture out. She also knew that our Son wasn't allowed to go through the front door without us, evidenced by her pushing at him if he fiddled with the front door handle. She didn't know that it was double locked. This day, she followed my Son through the window.

At 5 am, the police woke us knocking on the door. Their words were – “your son was nearly killed but your dog copped it”. They then reiterated what the lorry driver had said…

He told them that he was driving along in the dark and in the distance he could see something ‘light coloured’ moving on the road. As he got closer, he could see a dog at the side of the road barking and barking at the ‘light coloured’ something. At the last moment, he realised that this was a child and was about to swerve. He said he could see the dog, still barking and glancing between the truck and the child. While the driver was braking, the dog ran out into the road, jumped at the child’s back and threw him out of the path of the lorry and at the same time, the lorry hit the dog and killed her.

According to the police, the driver said that he'd never believe what he saw unless it was with his own eyes. He said that the dog definitely knew the danger which is why she was barking so anxiously. He said “that dog just saved that kid’s life and it knew what it was doing.”

That was 39 years ago and I still miss Cindy every day. She was a rough collie (a lassie dog) and I can understand why this breed was chosen for the movies.

What is the kindest thing a pet has done for you?


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