Anxiety on participation: the first experience

Participation in any contest consist of a lot of factors: Stress, stage fear, confidence, etc. You feel a lot of things, mostly mixed emotions. One minute you are high as a mountain, the other moment you’ll grasp for breath.

The first time feeling was none less than an ordeal(for me). Even though I had prepared for the event, I had doubts (I am a human!). Here’s what happened:


  • I was walking two and for again and again.
  • I acquired an unending thirst for water.
  • My mind was enervated – trying to focus on a single thing but numerous thoughts came and went continuously. Then it went numb, like I had no idea about anything.
  • Then out of the blue, I pictured myself standing in front of mic and speaking. The picture was not clear. No sound, I was simple picturing.

I realized it a bit later, that ‘I’ am the person who is troubling himself. Over panic of something that has not happened yet. I took a glass of water, a deep breath, closed my eyes, 30 sec silent break and there I was. Smooth and smiling (like Harvey Spectre from SUITS).

All that is a part of the process. Such exposure helps us develop into a better person. Initially we feel like master of ourselves but this thinking rarely proves to be true under such scenario. The adrenaline rush is frightening, but useful too.

Although I faced a little rush when my name called out, but I managed using the deep breath technique. Believe me, once you are on stage follow the rule: the less you think about people, about your appearance on stage and the audience; the more you can focus on yourself.


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