Fluent speech but problem in writing?

The problem lies with the absence of influence of grammar, phrases, structures and ideas. The most common problem writers face is when it comes to grammar. The other ones is lack of words. The other, is lack of ideas.

To cope with these, here is what I would suggest:

  1. READ: Facing issues with grammar? Take out those old class English books and start reading those. I WON’T SUGGEST GRAMMAR BOOKS. They do no good, they work best when you are in high school, other than that they are boring. With time, read more and more difficult stuff. You’ll eventually improve.
  2. READ: Facing issues with your vocabulary? Here are some writers whose works will help you:
    •Dan Brown: With his books, you’ll gather immense knowledge about history, secret societies, etc. In addition, his writing style is something not everyone can handle. He uses words and phrases that will make one circle round the dictionary.(I’m quite a fan!)
    • Course books like Wilfred Funk “6 WEEKS TO WORDS OF POWER” and Norman Lewis “WORD POWER MADE EASY”. Trust me, these two books will be more than necessary for you. These will teach you numerous words in a way that you enjoy working on those. The sections in these are worth noting, you WON’T BE WASTING TIME WHEN YOU WANT TO SEARCH SOMETHING IN HURRY.
  3. READ: Lack of Ideas? Read newspaper editorials, stories, etc. Editorials from newspaper will give you a lot of ideas, a way to think on your own and plus, language of worth. Novels from these authors will help you:
  • Paulo Coelho.
  • Khalid Hosseini.
  • Salman Rushdie.
  • Khushwant Singh.

I hope this will help you to start preparing over your skill. Further, I’ll post more advanced tutorial for issues related with speech, elocution, extempore, etc.




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