Human Stereotypes: Can they exist without any element of truth in them?

Human stereotypes can exist with/without any element of truth in them.

These are born out of judgment done by some individual or group based on their perception about whom they are passing their decision. Here, I anticipated two parties: One that makes decision and the other that is judged/subject. Now following are the things to be considered:

•The state of mind of judging individual/group.
•If its an individual, then what is he exposed to or what are his circumstances plays an important role. If it’s a group, then the final result is based on conclusion of the debate, i.e. Collision of ideas of every person. Under this, it depends on what number of individuals are present, what are their ages, etc. A lot of factors define this.
•The subject: His state if mind, his circumstances, his psychology of living, his emotions. Is this his original behavior? Is this how he behaves in public?
•Interaction: The interaction between the people and subject can change the opinion. Here too, are a lot of possibilities based on vicinity, emotions, etc. However, if there is no interaction, there is usually no proof to consider it or deny it.

So, stereotypes can be biased. We know the versatility of behavior among individual in a group, area or nation. Considering the presence of such distribution among both the sides, we can barely reach a conclusion which calculates the legitimacy of any stereotype.


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