Limits on artistic freedom

Artists in any society are an important part of their biosphere. They are the ones who possess enough courage to bring out the exact scenario of their society in terms of their art, may it be a painting, article or something else.

The essence is: Artists are the only one who are brave and capable of pointing out the evils in their own style, the important thing is ‘ pointing out’ evil – which none of us have the courage to do as we live in constant fear of society and government.

In the case, choking the only source of truthful outrage will be an act of dictating.

On the part of society, they DO NOT justify killing artists just in the reason that their view points are different from mainstream believers. What right do they have to murder them?

An article by a famous writer in TOI mentions his pathetic condition where he forced himself to leave India, the reason being murder of his two writer friends in cold blood. Moreover, government not even sniffing the issue itself somehow make the condition double sided.

We have the freedom of speech, yes we do. But we don’t have the right to practise it. That’s what mass wants us to do. That’s what authorities expect us to do. Freedom of speech to be a written statement and boring else.

Artist express their views on what they see. They express what they feel because that is their characteristic. They don’t do it under impulse. Just because it differs or violates any dogma doesn’t mean that we shut them up. Why not work on flaws instead? Why not improve the decaying conditions instead?

People offended by art expressions are the ones who misinterpret the meaning of art. Art is a entity, pure blossom of someone’s thoughts. They are not offensive. They are offensive when ‘we’ consider them to be. Putting limits on their freedom will be like forcing every bird in the world to fly as we want them. Not as they want to. And if they don’t, choosing the option either to tear their wings apart or making them silent forever.


I sincerely apologize if the content is disturbing. Kindly contact me for suggestion, corrections and complaints.


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